5000 year leap

I’m in the middle of The 5000 Year Leap. It’s really good so far, though I’m only on page 25.

“The Founder’s view of their new form of government can be further demonstrated by using the symbol of the eagle and referring to its two wings…

“Wing #1 of the eagle might be referred to as the problem-solving wing or the wing of compassion. Those who function through this…are sensitive to the unfulfilled needs of the people. They dream of elaborate plans to solve these problems.

“Wing #2 has the responsibility of conserving the nation’s resources and the people’s freedom. its function is to analyze the programs of wing #1 with two questions. First, can we afford it? Secondly, what will it do to the rights and individual freedoms of the people?

“…if both of these wings fulfill their assigned function, the American eagle will fly straighter and higher than any civilization in the history of the world. But if either of these wings goes to sleep on the job, the American eagle will drift toward anarchy or tyranny. For example, if wing #1 becomes infatuated with the idea of solving all the problems of the nation regardless of the cost and wing #2 fails to bring its power into play to sober the problem-solvers with a more realistic approach, the eagle will spin off toward the left, which is tyranny. On the other hand, if wing #1 fails t see the problems which need solving and wing #2 becomes inflexible in its course of not solving problems simply to save money… then the machinery of government loses its credibility and the eagle drifts toward the right where the people decide to take mattes into their own hands.”


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