Sister Wives

OK, I’ve been watching sister wives. The people are starting to REALLY annoy me because they’re kind of stupid.

a – one wife was PG and her last pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. Apparently her first miscarriage in a total of 6 kids. She’s 37. They had all their other births at home, but had this one in a hospital. One of the other wives said she could almost guarantee you that no midwife would recommend a homebirth in that situation. After a miscarriage. What? I can’t think of a single homebirth midwife who would tell you a miscarriage disqualified you from a homebirth.

b – one of the older girls wants to go to the Naval Academy. The kids apparently had been going to a “private school” that was really a homeschool coalition, and then to graduate, they all generally get GEDs. This year I think they sent the older kids to public school. This girl hates it and wants to go back to her old school. The dad said it was fine, until he learned that she wants to go to the Naval Academy. Then he told her that she had to continue with public school because he could guarantee you that the Naval Academy would require more than just a GED. Really? Guarantee that? Because, whatever we do, let’s NOT look it up!! Let’s just work from ignorance and suppositions!!

For anyone interested in the Naval Academy’s guidelines for homeschoolers, you can look at their website. I find interesting their recommendation for a computing and keyboarding class. I can’t imagine a homeschooler who’s not adept at computing.


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