Halloween is one of those things I’ve had to just let go.

I was formerly of the opinion that we should not celebrate Halloween – it’s not really a Christian holiday, you know? And trick or treating? Um, when is it EVER ok to send your children to strangers’ houses and demand candy? Bizarre. Plus, candy is not really something we should be eating a whole lot of.

And then Wally turned out to LOVE Halloween. It’s his favorite holiday ever. He loves spiders and snakes and scary stuff and armless hands crawling across the floor and brains and guts. He loves scary movies. He loves, loves Halloween. Really, not so much Halloween, as all of the Halloween “stuff.” So, fine. A good portion of our toys are actually Halloween decorations.

Then there’s the matter of our annual Halloween dance. Swing Des Moines has a dance the third Friday of every month, and the October one has always been a Halloween dance, and we encourage folks to wear costumes. So we have to wear costumes. Halloween costumes. Alright, fine, so every year we have Halloween costumes… I actually kind of enjoy this, to tell the truth.

And then, in 2008, we let Wally go trick or treating. He’d learned about it, and his cousins were going, and he REALLY wanted to go, and Genna was born the day before Beggar’s Night. We wanted to let him do something fun, just him and daddy. So we let him go out with his cousins. And he LOVED it. Mr Shy marched right up to total strangers and told his joke. He got to get candy, yes, but I think that was really a side matter. (Plus, we swiped most of it and he never even noticed.)

So, now, we pretty much do Halloween here at our house. Much to my dismay, but you know – it’s growing on me. We don’t worship Satan. The Pagan background doesn’t really honestly bother me that much – Christmas and Easter also have Pagan histories mixed up with them – I think we can pick and choose what aspects of a holiday we want to observe and which we don’t. I think as Wally gets a little older, we’ll talk more about Halloween and its history and background and what we agree and disagree with…


2 responses to “Halloween

  1. And we love you no matter what πŸ™‚ Costumes are fun, candy is fun. I think one my biggest gripes here lately is the amount of time people put into all holidays. The lights and decorations (and Peeps, for that matter) that consumerism has created is maddening. I know I didn’t see all that garb when I was younger. Being aware of why you do something is part of the battle. 3/4’s of the people who celebrate holidays do not really understand why or where they come from, but rather it is another reason to decorate the house and buy stuff. It’s sad. I think one should at least have a good conviction as to why they do or do not do something. Wally’s wishes are important and you honor them. Our kids have been fairly sheltered from a lot of stuff, though grandparents think I am the meanest mom ever for not pushing trick or treating, or Santa, or the Easter Bunny. But, I can, I don’t agree with them, so I make a point to try to avoid them. And I’m not always successful. I am okay with that, as well. I end up hunting eggs at Easter because the battle there would have meant not seeing family on the day our Savior rose from the dead, because they were insistent on them. I was not okay with pushing out family, so we went with it. I just make sure to explain what is of God and what is just pretend so the kids grow up understanding fully our beliefs.
    All that to say, what works for one family doesn’t work for another, and the most important thing is to just be in tune with your own. So, right on πŸ™‚
    I think I’m just in a rant-y mood this morning.

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