Voting No on Judge Retention

I will be voting No on every single judge – Supreme Court or lower court – who is up for renewal (or whatever the technical word is) on this ballot.


Because, with a few exceptions, I vote No on every single judge, every single time. (There are exceptions.)


It shouldn’t be a lifetime appointment.

I’m pretty tired of the commercials out now that are saying that voters who vote No are somehow violating the Constitution. Do you mean the very same Iowa Constitution that allows us the opportunity to approve or disapprove of judges every few years? Yes, that one.

Well, I disapprove.

It has nothing to do with the marriage decision. I would’ve voted no for those judges either way. (And I might be willing to bet that a lot of the “oh, no, it’s so unreasonable to vote against the judges” crowd would be singing a different tune had the decision gone the other way.)


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