Late October Update

Hey! Did you know? Mothers of two small children who also run a business from home and teach dance lessons in the evenings get one extra year to try to accomplish some of their tasks, and they also are allowed to change some of their tasks if they realize they might have been on crack when they set them? Well, it’s true.

But in the meantime, here’s an update:

Make Something for 10 different people, unexpected. I need to find some more people to unexpectedly make things for!

Participate in 2 charitable crafting projects each year. I kind of screwed myself here. Craft Hope was doing things I didn’t really want to participate in for most of the year, then I did the pillowcase project, and as it turns out, that’s their last one of the year. So now I have to get more *ahem* creative and figure out what I’m going to do. I might make more Little Dresses for Africa – we’ll see.

Genuinely Compliment A Total Stranger: I do not specifically recall August’s Compliment. In September, I told a random man that he had an awesome ‘stache. (Because he did, and I’m not generally a mustache lover.) This month, I haven’t complimented anyone yet and should totally get on that.

Bench Press My Own Bodyweight: See, this is one of those that I’m afraid I’m going to need more time on.

Memorizing a chunk of the Bible is coming along. Psalm 139, I have verses 1-5, and I’m not sure how far I’m planning to go.

Vocabulary: I’m finding this to be a little tiresome, honestly. I’m not using the words I pick out, because to get to a word I have truly never encountered before, I’m having to reach a little far. So October is: probity n. Virtue or integrity tested and confirmed.



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