Funny that an Iowan I follow on Twitter, who disagrees with me politically, is as disgruntled as I am about the election here. lol.

I was actually more excited to see the returns in the OTHER states.

In Iowa, I really only cared about Brenna Findlay, and she lost.

But around the nation, I want McClure in AZ district 7 to win. She’s definitely in contention. She’s a young woman, a physicist, and she impressed me a LOT.

In Alaska, I want Miller to win. Rubio in Florida (who did win).

Obviously – Jim DeMint, but I don’t think he was in danger of not being re-elected, because he is so awesome.

Obviously, I want Reid out. (which I didn’t get, unfortunately.)

I’m super happy about R’s getting control of the House, but really – this is the BEGINNING, not the end. I hope that those newly elected, and those retaining their seats, realize this. Grassley – I’m talking to YOU. I would have loved to vote for someone else, Mr. Grassley. You can’t sit there at your debates bragging about all of the new entitlement programs you’ve pushed for and then try to claim you’re a fiscal conservative, do you hear me?

Republicans need to start remembering that they’re supposed to be Conservatives, or I think it’s going to go really bad for them. There are a LOT of expectations on them… I hope they live up to them.


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