So. When you fly these days, you now have the option between an enhanced electronic screening (where they use X-ray technology to see you naked – including, apparently, enough detail that one TSA employee was teased after testing the machine for the size of his penis) or an enhanced pat-down, in which the screener uses their palms to feel your breasts and crotch.

And I’m actually OK with the attitude that says that if you don’t like it, then don’t fly. I’m really super OK with that. Except this one thing. I don’t have a choice for this trip we have coming up in March. I can’t stay home (per husband) and I can’t drive (to Puerto Rico).

I absolutely refuse to allow some federal minimum wage employee without any sort of medical training to shoot X-rays at me or my children, despite TSA assurance that it’s “safe.” So my alternative is apparently to be felt up. And, guess what? Kids aren’t exempt from these “enhanced” pat-downs, so there’s also a chance that my kids will have to be subjected to being touched in their private areas – their “no” zones – by strangers – EXACTLY what we teach them to SCREAM and run away if it happens. Yeah. Super.


Among the comments on this TSA blog post that says, pretty much, nothing.

Let’s see: it’s okay to ‘molest’, grope, and harass U.S. citizens at airports, but we can’t ask Hispanics/illegal aliens to show ID during a police stop?

If I were a terrorist, my entry point would be the wide-open Mexican border not Logan airport.

Yeah. That.



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