TV, part II

So, here’s how I do TV.

– I like to have one weekly show. I don’t have to watch it every week. But I like something that I haven’t seen before. This is proving to be difficult.

– I like to have one show that’s in reruns and shows at least nightly, requires no thinking, doesn’t matter if you don’t see every episode. This is my I’m Up Late And Tired But I Can’t Sleep show. If I read when I’m tired, I’ll never go to sleep. Same with knitting. Or laundry, or sewing, or cleaning – all of which are things I’ll do when up really late if I don’t have something to keep me in bed. Right now I’m watching Frasier.

– Then we also have shows that we watch just whenever, on those nights when we’re all tired. Pawn Stars. American Pickers. Man vs Wild. etc. Yes, should the ideal American family spend their evenings playing board games or reading books? Probably. But you know, I don’t always have the energy at the end of the day to do activities with the kids.

PS, we watch everything on DVR.

The rest of the DVR is filled up with a few movies for the kids, and then tons of interesting documentaries that I want to watch some day when I’m alone and watching TV. LOL. Plus Glenn Beck.


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