Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011

I know it’s the hip thing to do a Year In Review type post.



In 2010…

I learned that a list of 1001 things to do in 101 days is too many and too long.

I did not get my rabbits.

I did raise meat birds, and harvest them (with, of course, the help of the Glanns).

I was not patient enough, nor respectful enough (two goals I had set for myself).

I did keep reasonable inventory levels.

I may have trusted the wrong supplier.

I was honest even when it was hard and cost me personally. More than once.

I let several things go – you know, “things” from the past I was holding onto emotionally.

I simplified my life somewhat, letting go of current “things,” as in activities and tasks.

I delegated some things and let them stay delegated.

I continued doing the stupid dance of “you agreed to take care of this, but it’s been three weeks and it still hasn’t been taken care of, so I guess I’ll do it and then bitch at you about it” far too often. (and yet I see no viable alternative.)

I actually prefer to put my 2011 list in a separate post.


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