The Realistic Post

Here’s what I have left, and a realistic assessment of the liklihood of it happening before April, the deadline. Let’s face it, this list was not too realistic. Particularly considering that, until recently, we had evening activities on three or four evenings a week, leaving precious little family time and practically no opportunity for all of the classes and things I wanted to take.


Take a bellydancing class. – I don’t even really care about this any more.

Learn German. – Randy and Wally are learning Chinese, which means I’ll be learning Chinese, too, so I’ve given up on German until I can take an actual class.

Take a hip hop class – As with Bellydancing, I don’t even care to learn hip hop any more.

Take a Community Education class in something I’ve never tried before – I would still like to do this.

Go to an event at the observatory – Let’s face facts, the list of topics available for Observatory events are pretty dry. Unless I go alone (unlikely), I don’t see any of the topics that they’ve had holding Wally’s interest one iota.



Take a picture, over the course of a year, of every time around the clock. (this has been modified somewhat, and will now just be several pictures for each hour of the day.) I am still working on this one.

Do the 100 strangers project – I honestly doubt I’ll do this, though it would be an interesting project, it also seems to lack any sort of practicality.

Make something for 10 different people, unexpected (6/10) – I am still working on this.

Participate in 2 charitable crafting projects a year (3/6) – still doing this, though I’m obviously going for an AVERAGE of two at this point.

Make something using my power tools – all of them. I just need to finish one little thing for the chicken coop, but we need a new blade for the scroll saw.

Participate in at least one additional craft fair –  This would be fine, but I’m not going to go out of my way at this point. Craft fairs are NOT a major income source for me and I don’t honestly think that they will pay off enough to be worth the time/effort in pursuing this.



Genuinely compliment a total stranger once a month.  OK, really? It’s hard to compliment a stranger, particularly genuinely.

Write a letter every other month. Since half the people I know who I’d write to have died, I’m kind of out of people to write to.

Do something surprising and wonderful for Randy monthly. It’s not that I don’t want to do something wonderful for my husband every month. And I DO do nice things for him on a regular basis, but nothing seems to live up to my standard of “wonderful.”

Put together a care package for someone I am still planning to do this.

Help a stranger. I don’t know what I had in mind when I wrote this. But I’ll help a stranger if the opportunity presents itself.



Bench press my own bodyweight  I don’t think this is my most pressing physical fitness goal. Hiking up Mt Timp again? Yeah.

Touch my toes And the chiro has recently told me to STOP stretching like this. Though I don’t think I’ll be able to touch my toes by April, I am still working toward this goal.

Memorize a poem ach, we’ll see. I was hoping to do some sort of epic poem, but maybe I’ll settle for something short!

Memorize a chunk of the Bible I am definitely working on this.

5 pullups. In a row.  As with benchpressing my own weight, this is not a pressing goal.


“Social” or Environmental

Buy nothing for a week.   I can’t imagine I haven’t done this without planning.

Buy nothing new for a month.    Yeah, whatever.

Take the bus instead of driving.    Alright, it’s not that I haven’t tried. It’s just that taking the bus, in addition to being expensive and not too safe with kids having to ride sans carseats, is so inconvenient. Hey, I could load up the car and pull out of the driveway and be to my destination in a few minutes…. OR I could schlep everyone three blocks to the bus stop, pay money, and be to my destination in 20 minutes. Hmmm…. Yeah.

Volunteer a bit for an organization I am not already involved with This MAY still get done.



Eating Food

Eat only local food for a week – probably not going to happen.

Bake bread for family monthly Yeah, still doing this.

Try 10 new foods (3/10)  I don’t know. It’s not that there aren’t exotic foods that I’ve never tried. It’s just that, well, I lack motivation to cook these exotic foods (and, not knowing what they’re supposed to taste like, I’m not sure how I’d know whether it was right or not). And we aren’t going out to eat all that much.

Have a candlelight dinner This could still happen.

Fast for a day IF both kids wean before the 1001 are over and I’m not pregnant.   Not gonna happen.



Essential Life Skills

Take a survival class. I would love to take a survival class but we’re having trouble finding one.

Make a will NEED TO DO THIS

Go hunting. This is obviously not going to happen between now and April, but I will be going next year.

Learn to make jam.  Next year’s harvest.



Completely Random

Dance somewhere unexpected. Unexpected for me. Who is prone to dancing wherever she is.   Whatever, freak.

Participate in a rally or protest or march  Oh, my, goodness. I really really want to, but they always have the tea party things on TAX DAY. Wally’s birthday.

Dress up as something, go somewhere, don’t explain.  What the heck? What would I dress up as? What was I thinking here??


For Fun

Go to a Cubs game at Wrigley Field.   Not with Genna at this point.

Go night hiking. Not before April.

Visit 5 new (to me) state parks. (1/5)   Would still like to, but you know, we tend to stick with the tried and true because our state parks can be a little hit or miss…

Go to a movie by myself. I WILL do this.

Go roller-skating. This is on our 2011 list of things to do as a family.

Have Randy teach me to juggle. I am still planning on this.

Host a movie night.  I was planning on a dance movie night, but now I just don’t care any more.

Go to a fun indie craft fair in another city.  Here’s the thing… I’m not likely to travel specifically for a craft event, and the chances of a craft event serendipitiously taking place when I’m visiting somewhere are fairly slim.



Participate in postcrossing; use cards as basis for hs learning. Wally’s still too young to really benefit from this.

Take the time to give myself awesome sausage rolls. I don’t care any more.

Write a letter to myself, to be opened in 10 years.

Write a letter to each child, to be opened in 10 years.

Write a letter to Randy, to be opened in 10 years.


So there you go.


4 responses to “The Realistic Post

  1. Look at all you have done!!! Your list was fun to read. I believe there is a survivalist class in Cedar Rapids in March. It is listed on a hiking meet-up group. I will look:)

  2. WOW!!! You HAVE gotten tons done! And I can totally make your hunting adventure happen. You have a 22 right? There is squirrel season & you could also come down for rifle season for deer (I have .243 you can use) and if we hunt in January Doe season, we can pile all the kids in the truck & just step out of the truck to shoot (in our pasture).

    you have accomplished TONS!!

  3. Lets try that again LOL.
    I just wanted to say that I agree with the other two that you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself as you appear to have accomplished lots. I’m a week into my 1001 days challenge and completed the 1st thing on my list last night. I’d love to think I will get everything on the list done but realisticly I doubt that will happen.
    The most important thing is to enjoy trying knew things and making the most of your life!

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