Packing books

So, we have a trip coming up. (If reading about my thoughts on our upcoming trip is going to upset you and prompt you to call others to complain about it, please stop reading now. And please realize that I’ve been joking about getting on the do not fly list for longer than anyone’s been talking about this trip.)

Anyway. I’ve been trying to figure out about books. Most trips, I know what to expect, and that serves as somewhat of a guide as to how many books to pack. A week at Okoboji? 4-5 books. 10 days camping, including about 3 days of car time? double that.

2 days of air travel, 7 days on a cruise, and a day in Puerto Rico? Um… I don’t know. I’m not even going to bother taking knitting on the airplanes, because I think I’ll have to spend the whole 14 or so hours of our travel time (air time plus security plus layovers) on Genna Duty, keeping her out of trouble. But I do hope for a nap at some point! How much down time will I have on the boat? I don’t know.

And then there’s limited luggage space. I don’t have/want an E-Reader, but I might make use of Stanza (my preferred book app) on the iPod.

I’m thinking 2-3 physical books and 8 or so on the iPod, plus probably 2 audiobooks on the off chance I get some time alone to listen.

Then there’s the problem of WHICH books? Do I take something I’ve already read, so that I know that I’ll like it, and not get stuck with books that I don’t care for? I’m usually a little less grumpy about constant interruptions when reading something I’ve already read, too. (I don’t mean occasional interruptions. I’m talking about the type of interruptions only young children are capable of. The every third word interruptions.)

But I don’t generally like re-reading books I’ve already read.

Sigh. I think what I’ll end up doing is getting some of the books from a list of books that a friend (Mike D) wrote out for me some time ago, after I had finished the Lord of the Rings books. I’ve liked everything I’ve read from that list.

And then maybe a nonfiction book or two from my own library. Alright, so I guess that gets me up to 4 physical books. But I think that’s too many, considering how many other things we’ll have to pack.


I suppose I could be a little less cheap and actually BUY some books for the iPod, instead of just having the free ones. Then I could have the books Mike recommended, and then 2 nonfictions.

But I hate buying e-books. When I spend money, I want to physically hold something in my hands that I purchased, you know? (I also don’t buy music through iTunes for this reason.)

you see my dilemma??

Now, packing KNITTING is easy. Three or four projects, small ones that will take some time to complete but not too much room in the suitcase. Preferably ones that can use small needles and with stitch patterns that aren’t too complicated. Probably I’ll take 4 pairs of socks to knit, and then some patterns of things to make with any leftover yarn. Easy peasy.


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