Books: The Dragon Keeper Chronicles

By Donita K Paul.

I really liked these books. They follow the adventures of Kale, an orphan who grew up a slave and who becomes a Dragon Keeper. Along the way, we meet people of other races who become Kale’s friends and family. Kale also learns about and grows in her faith in Wulder, the world’s God, and his human assistant of sorts, Paladin. Paladin is clearly a Christ figure, but markedly different, whereas Wulder seems to be remarkably similar to the Christian God.

I will say, I liked reading Christian fiction that takes place in another world. It allowed the author enough wiggle room to make things make sense, without getting bogged down in doctrine. I loved having a world where the forces for good included wizards and mindspeaking.

Reading them was good for my soul, too. Kale had such a beginner’s faith in the first few books, she was learning and those around here were generally patient with explaining things to her, and we of course also got to peek into her head as she struggled with faith. The other main character in the series, Bardon, has more of a staunch, intellectual faith. The two approaches made for good balance.

The last book in the series was pretty disappointing, though. It was obvious where it was headed, and how things would get wrapped up. The author dropped several storylines without finishing them.

Even so, I thoroughly enjoyed this series.


I have also just finished listening to the Chronicles of Narnia on audio.


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