Congressman King ad on radio

Alright, there’s a radio ad that is against Steve King. It says, essentially, that Steve King is trying to run roughshod over the Constitution by repealing the 14th Amendment. What’s next, it asks, is Steve King going to come after our right to bear arms, or our right to worship as we please? Tell Congressman King to leave the Constitution alone!


OK, this commercial is representative of EVERYTHING that is wrong in the world today.

First, the main point of the ad is extremely misleading. King, based on his past actions, values the Constitution. The 14th Amendment issue is a complex one, and though I clearly think one side of the argument is MORE right than the other, it’s NOT clear cut by ANY stretch. To pretend it is is quite dishonest.

Second, the further assertions of the ad are completely ridiculous. Yes, I’m so sure that Congressman King is going for our guns next. Look at his voting records, and his public statements. The man is NOT a gun opponent.

Third, it is obviously aimed at a population that is largely uneducated on the issue at hand.

Fourth, sadly, because so many Americans ARE so uneducated on the issues, I think it stands a good chance of working. I don’t think it’s going to get King out of office – as much as liberals hate it, he is really a popular guy in his district (and with good reason – I’ve wished on more than one occasion that he was MY representative). But it’s going to work well with its target audience. (making one wonder why it airs during Jan Mickelson on WHO.)

It’s just pathetic, and sad, and exemplifies the sad state we’re in politically.


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