Flying and how much I hate it.

I confessed to one of our traveling companions (Chris, my sister in law’s new husband’s college-age son) that I hate to fly while waiting for our first flight. His dad is a pilot (or was a pilot, I guess he hit the mandatory retirement age) and so he’s flown a lot. He kept trying to get me to nail down exactly what it is I don’t like. I finally realized – it’s the whole experience. Security. Waiting. Boarding. Sitting so close to strangers. The drinks in the open cups. The flight attendants. People in front of you reclining so their seat back rests on your two year old’s legs. People next to you turning to stare every time your stressed out two year old makes any sort of noise. Taking off. Flying. Turning. Descending. Landing. Deplaning. Walking around the airport. Waiting during a layover. Repeating the whole process.

In reality, security was a fiasco, but it was fine. I mean, we had no troubles. Well, except that TSA regulations CLEARLY state that you need to declare netbooks but do not need to take them out. But in reality, the TSA agents made him take it out and turn it on just like a full size laptop. But other than that, it was fine. But seriously. Getting a family of 4 including two small kids through security – taking off/putting on shoes, taking off/putting on jackets. Taking off/putting on backpacks. The carseat. Genna in and out of the MT. Holy freaking fiasco. Fortunately, we went through security at KC when we were the ONLY ones there, so there was no rush or pressure to hurry. We could take our time and the TSA agents were pretty relaxed and friendly.

And in San Juan on the way home, there were HUGE long lines, and the TSA agents were so busy and overwhelmed that they weren’t too detailed or detail-oriented, so that went OK, too. They were using the new scanners in the line we were in and I was all ready to refuse and submit to a patdown, but then they opened a new line and that line had just the traditional Xray, so we hustled over there, lol.

I yelled at two strangers on the way home. I honestly had just had it at that point. I had used up all of my kindness and patience and tongue-biting. I yelled at Mr Turn And Stare. He KEPT staring at us every time Genna made a noise. I’ll admit – she was a TERROR on our San Juan-Philly flight. 4 hours of throwing fits. In between fits, she was giggling really loud. She was just literally so wound up that she could not get herself under control. I felt so bad for her. And in the middle of one of her upset, crying, hitting, screaming NO fits, he turned around to watch again and I looked him full in the face and told him (rather loudly and angrily) to quit turning around. It seemed to work.

The other confrontation was funnier. A man was mad because he thought that Randy’s jacket was hogging room in the overhead bin. Randy heard him and said that actually his jacket was cushioning a medical device and please leave it alone. The man told another man to move one of the other suitcases in there over and throw the jacket on top of it so he’d have room for his suitcase. Randy said again that it wasn’t just a jacket, it was a medical device. The man continued to reach up to shove it over and I finally said “Excuse me. It’s not a jacket. It’s covering a medical device as that man has clearly stated at least a dozen times.” (I am prone to hyperbole when upset.) He turns to me and says “No, he has not.” “Yes, he has, I heard him with my own ears!!” “Ma’am, he only said it twice.” “OH! So you DID hear him!!” He continued to try to discuss the matter with me and so….

I stuck my tongue out at him.


He didn’t respond any more. But he did turn to randy (not knowing we were related, we were across the asile from each other and I was sitting next to my brother in law), slap his shoulder, roll his eye, and point to me. Randy just turned away.


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