Books: Successful Homeschool Family and The Way They Learn

The Successful Homeschool Family Handbook by the Moores.

I like the Moores. I like their stuff. I think their version of reality is outdated (which makes sense since this book was originally published in 1979). They advocate simple homeschooling, delaying formal schooling, etc. They also advocate establishing a family enterprise that gives children something productive to make or do as a source of income (or as a service). Most of their suggestions are cooking or baking. Yeah, well, it’s just not that easy, in an era when children are having their lemonade stands shut down by the Government. In fact, I’d challenge you to find a business that IS easy. Maybe lawn mowing, but it’s still a good idea to have insurance. We just don’t live in that world any more.

The book is also seriously lacking in details, but it was a fast and easy read and provides a nice overview to the Moores.


The Way They Learn by Cynthia Ulrich. Useless. It might be a good book if you have OLDER kids, or for grownups, but for someone with young kids, it’s pointless. It divides people into four basic groups based on they way their minds work. One of the things you’re supposed to determine is if your child is an Abstract thinker or a Concrete thinker. Well, according to Piaget, people are pretty much not capable of abstract thought until puberty. I think that’s a generally accepted theory. It’s not POSSIBLE for a seven year old to be a primarily abstract thinker.

In looking for the author’s name of this book for this post, I found a review at the Amazon website that reads:

“She uses the Gregorc model of mind styles as the premise for the entire book, dovetailing it with some other well-known and scientifically researched theories. Her manner of presenting the information in terms of parent/child really was insightful for me and very useful in understanding my strong-willed young children and myself. HOWEVER, after she peaked my interest I was driven to find out more about the Gregorc Mind Styles which she so heavily relies upon for the book and in the process of doing so discovered that Dr. Gregorc, the creator of the Mind Styles model used by Ulrich, quite adamantly abandoned the model for use with children and students due to unreliable scientific results and “danger” to children. It would do one well to visit Gregorc Associates Inc. on the web and place Ulrich’s information in context and read Dr. Gregorc’s own lengthy comments on why he does not use the Mind Styles delineator with children.”

This is pretty interesting.


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