Just an observation.

Observation: It’s easy to have a casual attitude about idea sharing/stealing  (like, “it’s great to have people take other people’s ideas and run with them!)”) when you’re the one taking the ideas (without permission) and running with them, and you’re never the one coming up with great ideas.


As someone who has come up with several ideas for awesome, innovative marketing plans, events, or resources, and then shared those ideas with others, either personally with those I trusted, or by sharing my vision via blogs, and then found others had no moral qualms about taking those ideas, telling others they were theirs, and running off with them, giving me barely enough time to say “what?” or in one remarkable case, actually taking legal steps to steal it while being blatant in her admission that that’s what she was doing, I currently have trouble feeling willing to share my good ideas when I have them.

In a way, it’s only smart business. After all, when Nike comes up with a great promotion, or a really awesome new shoe innovation, they don’t really blog about it, do they? They quietly implement it, telling as few people as possible.

It’s not like I don’t share at all. There are ideas, and then there are ideas. There are those ideas that are things that would benefit the community at large, or things that I could never do or have no desire to follow through with… I’ve had the pleasure of seeing several of my ideas come to fruition through the actions of others. And it’s not important whose idea it is, it’s important that it got done.


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