bin Laden

so much to say about this. First, good for Pres Obama. Because, gosh, we’ve had other Presidents be in a position to take out a really bad terrorist and decide to pass (Clinton). (And we had a President be in a position to take out a really bad terrorist and be forced to pass by the UN and then spend the rest of his life hearing about how he failed which is really irritating – that would be HW Bush.)

All of the problems getting a straight story are interesting. I totally understand information that comes out RIGHT away being flawed… but there are some things we’ve heard three or four versions of. That’s just… not right. I’m sure there are legitimate reasons – I guess I HOPE there are – but it certainly makes it look like there’s something being covered up.

The lack of proof is disconcerting.

Someone suggested earlier in the week that it might have been better if the mission had been to just make the man disappear. Capture him, take him somewhere secret, and don’t tell anyone. Get intelligence from him. Hold him. He just simply vanishes. This person actually wondered if maybe that was the original plan, and then things went to Plan B when the helicopter crashed. We’ll never know. I have to say, I like that plan, but not being a military person, I have no idea if it would even be possible.

And what does the career path of those SEALs look like now? How can anything top “I helped kill bin Laden”? Holy mother of Pete. Can you imagine their families when they found out it was THEIR soldier on that mission?

I think that, as with so many things, Obama could have/should have thrown a bone to the Bush administration. He really likes to take sole credit when credit certainly should be shared. Of course, sharing credit with a man you despise, and after you built your entire campaign on that hate, would not do much to win a re-election, and that’s really what it’s all about.

I had to laugh at the news line discussing Obama’s wreath ceremony at ground zero. “Some think it’s just a photo op.” Gosh, really??

Honestly, this does make me more than a little wary about the upcoming 10th anniversary of 9/11. Glad I live in Iowa.


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