Sister Wives

So, I’ve been watching Sister Wives. And I want to like it. I’ve been trying to like it. And I think I COULD like it if the family involved weren’t so annoying! (Not the kids, who all seem pretty awesome, all things considered, but the adults!)

Let’s say first that I don’t have a problem necessarily with polygamy, as long as it is all out in the open – I mean, I have a problem with a guy marrying more than one wife without the wives knowing. But the old-fashioned No Longer Accepted By The Mormon Church Mormon polygamy thing… I just don’t have a problem with it. From a religious standpoint, I think God’s pretty clear that this type of lifestyle is not acceptable, but they see it differently, and they’re not hurting anybody.

I also sort of see it as… there’s this big push from the gay rights community to “accept” their sexual choices, so how can there still be a problem with polygamy?

But, regardless, even though polygamy doesn’t harm anyone, and it involves all adults fully capable of making their own decisions, it IS illegal.

So these idiots decide to have a TV show showcasing their illegal activity. And then they manage to act TOTALLY surprised that the local police might take some interest in their family. Um… REALLY? Shocker.

Now I’m watching the season finale, and Robyn has the gall to say, tearfully into the camera, “This is not the America I learned about in school.” OK, then you went to some sort of loser school where they must have taught you that in America, there are no laws and you can do anything you want without fear of repercussions. But here in the real world, there are consequences to the decisions you make.

And this is where it starts bothering me about the kids – they’re not teaching their kids the truth of the situation. They’re all focused on This is Not Fair! instead of on “hey, we’re doing something that is technically illegal, even though we and our church think it is OK. But the consequence of this is….”


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