Yes, I took it down.

I decided it wasnt worth all

the emails from illiterate ignoramuses saying, “oh, so a 72 year old woman in a nursing home deserves to be raped?”

I really enjoy honest discussion. I really don’t intend to open my blog up for the type of “discussion” that recent commentors have attempted. The type where you don’t read the words on the page, but start calling names and responding to things that have been said only in your mind.

It is not failure to stick to my guns. It is recognizing that I have better things to do w my time than read those types of emails, and it is more fun for me to rob you of your anger outlet than to let you spout nonsensical insults at me.

I also don’t care that you are offended.

Particularly the one of you who has a note on her own blog that only respectful comments are allowed.

Ps, no, you probably won’t realize that the name calling above is an attempt to communicate with those who have responded with basically only name calling. Trying to use language with which they might be comfortable.


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