Unprincipled Principles

Here’s the thing.

If you’re willing to set aside your principles because doing so benefits you personally, or a cause you support, then they’re not really principles, are they?

Let’s take breastfeeding. I like breastfeeding. I’m in favor of supporting breastfeeding. I don’t think our country does nearly enough to support nursing mothers. When I say “country,” I mean “Americans.”

Obama recently did something super sneaky in forcing insurance companies to pay for, without charging copays, breast pumps, breastfeeding support, and of course many other things as well including free birth control including free abortion pills.

Let’s focus on the breastfeeding portion.

I know the popular sentiment right now among breastfeeding supporters is that those who aren’t in favor of this bill are just not really supportive of breastfeeding. But it’s not true.

The fact is, it is not the Federal Government’s business whether or not women breastfeed. It’s OUR business. It’s not the Federal Government’s job to tell private industry how to run their businesses. Maybe instead of focusing on the private choices that American people make in their private lives, the Federal government would be better served by taking care of its OWN business. You know, defense, paying its bills, figuring out how to stop borrowing so much money.

I’ve spoken to no fewer than five people in person (or online, but in actual conversation), and seen countless comments to the effect of: “I’m a small government person and a Constitutionalist, too, but I think this is GREAT because it supports a cause I believe in.”

Ok, see, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t say you’re in favor of small government and then turn around and support big government when it benefits YOU. You can’t say that you want the government to get back into its Constitutional bounds, but then turn around and say “oh, but in this case, since it benefits me, it’s OK.”

That’s how they work! That’s how we get big government. That’s how the machine functions. Throw “free money” at people and they’ll probably support you. Come on, people! Let’s be smarter than that!

There are ways to offer women better breastfeeding support, even breastpumps, without having to have the Federal Government get involved.

(I always like to pull up the BPA example. Without government involvement, many products are now available BPA free, simply through consumer action and choice. We like to think that only government can achieve big change, but it’s just not true.)

I even had someone say to me, “well, what’s done is done, we should at least be happy about the support it offers to breastfeeding women.” Goodness. I’m glad the founding fathers didn’t share that sentiment.


From  http://conservatives4palin.com/2011/05/the-constitutional-role-of-the-federal-government.html  (please go there for full details)

The Constitution clearly says that the Feds’ role is only to provide for the common defense, manage foreign relations, protect citizens’ constitutional rights, establish federal courts; apply and explain federal law (in the judiciary’s case); and a few other minor issues. No branch of the Federal Government is authorized to handle any other issues. So the federal establishment should be strictly limited to these tasks; all others should be reassigned to the states, local governments, and individual Americans.


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