Well, we do have a rule…

Been thinking about this lately. Parenting, laws, etc.

Rules that are not enforced are not rules.

There’s a law against jaywalking. But it’s rarely enforced. So people jaywalk largely without consequence, effectively making it so that there really isn’t a rule against jaywalking.

The same goes for rules in a house. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard “well, we DO have a rule against…” whatever the children are currently doing, or whatever the parent is complaining about. But if you just stand there and watch them do it, or respond in ways that emphasize that you’re not really serious about enforcing it, then you really do not have a rule. (For example, if I have a rule against drawing on the table with markers, but then when the children draw on the table with markers, I react by simply sighing, but don’t take away the markers, have the children clean up the mess, etc., then I don’t really have a rule. I have a wish list.

If you don’t plan to enforce a rule, then don’t have the rule.

Whether we’re talking laws, or household rules, I think the same concept applies.


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