Innocent Afghan citizens killed since 9/11

So I saw a lot of posts on Facebook this weekend about remembering the 2974 Americans killed in the US on 9/11 (which isn’t even true, that number includes citizens of some 90 countries), but also remembering the over 1 million Iraqi citizens and 49,000 Afghans “who paid the ultimate price for a crime they did not commit.” (the status message, seen in several places, doesn’t bother to mention our 6,000 military deaths.  It also seems to be pretty inaccurate. The Wikipedia page on the War on Terror lists these number as TOTAL dead in Iraq and Afghanistan, including military and civilian.)

I made a pledge not to argue with people about 9/11, or I would have asked what they meant.

And it’s been bugging me. I’m not sure what the point of that statement is.

Do those 1.5 million Iraqi and Afghan citizens differ in any significant way from the 40-52 million civilians killed in WWII? I would suggest they do differ in one significant way – our military tactics currently involve strategies specifically to REDUCE civilian deaths – smart bombs, precision strikes. We don’t just drop hundreds of bombs in the vicinity of a strategic target any more. We’ve taken risks to our own military


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