Living in Fear vs Being Responsible, Part IV

What does all this have to do with Livin’ For The Apocalypse? It was a show about 4 different families who are preparing for the apocalypse. It really highlighted some beliefs held by some of the families that I personally think are crazy, and I’m sure the point of the show was to kind of poke fun, but I found myself wanting to be three of the families. I don’t know if I’ve talked extensively about preparedness here, but our family believes in preparedness. I also believe that it’s a bad idea to talk extensively about it, because it makes you a target.

I will say that one of the women profiled had adult children, two of whom thought she was crazy. The woman had purchased a building for her business that included an honest-to-goodness underground bunker, and they use the bunker as a Just In Case bunker. There’s beds, there’s a boatload of food storage. I think they haven’t thoroughly thought through water, energy, heat, and venting, but *shrug* whatever. Anyway, the kids thinks she’s nuts. Maybe you do, too. Maybe you think she’s LIVING IN FEAR. I personally think she’s living in reality. Things could happen. Natural disaster, economic disaster, civil unrest. They are prepared. No matter what happens, they’re prepared. If they both lose their jobs and have no income, guess what? They’ve got food stored, so they won’t starve. If a tornado wipes out their town, guess what? They’ve got food and emergency supplies at the ready, not to mention an underground place to sleep so they don’t have to move into a shelter. If there’s a terrorist attack in their area… they’ve got resources. (and those kids who think they’re crazy? Where do you think they’ll run when something happens?)

I personally feel that BECAUSE they are prepared – because they’ve thought through the scary possibilities and responded by taking what steps they could to avoid problems, to overcome potential problems, and to deal with the reality of the world they live in – they don’t HAVE to be afraid.

It’s not living in fear. It’s living in reality.


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