Diaper Act

I guess when I heard about the Diaper Act on the radio, I really didn’t believe that it was, you know, something that other people might have heard about too. I guess because it’s just so…. bizarre.

But I’ve started learning more than I wanted to know (really) about the political leanings of the people whose blogs I read. (Pause – this is why I have so many blogs. I don’t assume people who want to read about urban farming want to read about my parenting or, particularly, my politics. I likewise don’t want to read about the parenting or politics of people whose blogs are usually about, say, Bento lunches.)

Because more and more of them are posting about Support the Diaper Act! And too many of them are including Rush Limbaugh Is Just Evil Because He’s Against It And He’s Only Against It Because He Wants Women Out Of The Workforce.

What? OK, whatever. I actually was listening to Rush that day, and he said nothing of the sort and he doesn’t think that. (I mean, does he think that mothers should stay home and raise their children? Generally speaking, yes, as do I, and that doesn’t make either one of us evil, it just means that we want what is best for kids, which – GENERALLY SPEAKING – is a parent home, not daycare.)

But let’s get back to the Diaper Act. Some liberals in Congress want the taxpayers to buy disposable diapers for women whose babies are in daycare. Disposables only, daycares only. No cloth, no diapers for stay at home moms, no diapers for women who have grandparents or friends watch their kids. Moms who are making tough economic sacrifices to live off of just their husband’s income will have money removed from that single household paycheck to buy diapers for other people’s kids. Yes, I have a problem with that.

So, when you see the “action alert” from misinformed, misguided Moms Action Committees, please know that there’s more to the story than just “yay, helping out babies!”


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