The Farseer Trilogy

I started reading the Farseer Trilogy after Teddy was born, but before his NICU admission. Then I finished up books 1 and 2 in the NICU, as well as about 75% of Book 3, which I finished up our first week home.

I will say, I LOVED the books. I got absorbed in the “world” of the books almost as completely as with the Belgariad series. The end kind of fizzled for me, but I’m pretty hard to please with endings. Anything I like, I don’t want to end, and anything I don’t like, you almost can’t end correctly for me.

The Farseer Trilogy follows the life of a royal bastard named FitzChivalry as he becomes a royal assassin and then gets involved in all sorts of royal plots. It’s one of those fantasy books that incorporates aspects of fantasy (magic and dragons) while also getting involved in political wranglings, though it doesn’t get as deep into the politics as, say, Dune.


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