2012 Goals

I haven’t done a post on my 2012 goals yet.

Originally, I didn’t think it was important, since my goal is pretty, um, uninspiring.

But i realize now that writing about this year’s goal might be more important than any of my other goals in previous (or future) years.

My goal for 2012 is to survive. Our whole family. To make it through this year. To all see 2013, more or less intact. Together as a family, all of us relatively healthy and whole.

That’s all.

And I need to write about it because I need to remind myself that I’ve set my sights pretty low. I’m not trying to achieve any big goals this year. I’m not trying to move mountains. To make life changes. To improve myself, my children, my family, or even my business. I’m not trying to eat better, to do more, to finish projects, to start projects.

But neither am I hoping to eat worse, or run my business into the ground.

I am merely trying to tread water. Ending the year in the same place as we started it will be hard enough… any forward progress will be cause for celebration.


I am a planner, and I tend to plan big things. Three or four times this year already (and it’s only mid March!), I’ve almost started planning something. An exercise program. An ambitious Back To Whole Foods plan for the family. A project around the house. And each time, I stop myself. Even if I felt I had the time, I know I do not have the energy. Even if I somehow acquire the energy, that energy would be better spent on just making sure I keep all of the current balls up in the air; all of the plates spinning. I don’t need to add more balls, more plates.


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