No words

I keep logging in here to make a post, but then I just don’t have any words. This blog has always been a reflection of what’s happening in my life, what’s going on, what I’m thinking about… and right now, everything is pretty much about Teddy (which is handled over at Teddy Bear’s Journey) or homeschooling (which also has its own blog). That’s about all I’m thinking about these days.

And anything else, such as the recent election, I just can’t get my thoughts organized enough to come up with anything really coherent. I think too, too many people have deluded themselves about this new healthcare thing, though. It is extremely scary to those of us with small children with serious lifelong health problems.

Teddy and I have been in the hospital together a total of 102 days today. Not consecutive, but total over his life. 102. This trip marks the first time since his diagnosis that I’ve been really afraid of losing him. Not short-term – he’s not in mortal danger this week or anything – but more long-term.

I can’t post about crafting. I’ve done some knitting, but nothing remarkable. I can’t post about parenting – I haven’t done any recently. I’ve been in the hospital with Teddy. I can’t post about finding awesome Christmas presents at the thrift store. Because I’ve been here. I can’t post about my plans for pretty much anything because… I’ve been here.

So, that’s my life. I’ve been here.


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