Knowing everything

Yeah, sometimes other people come along and they remind me that I need to be ashamed of the little know it all shit I was when I just had one kid. Or before I had kids.

A few months ago, it was someone who’s been married for 5 years talking about marriage and marital sex as though she has a clue what marriage and sex are like in a longer-term marriage. And I can admit fully that I haven’t a clue because I’ve “only” been married for 15 years. But I do know enough to know that, after 5 years, you really don’t have a clue.

It’s like someone who’s owned a business for 2 years telling me they truly feel bad for the growth struggles we’re experiencing with Wallypop because they’ve never experienced anything like that and are certain they never will because the last 2 years have been so smooth.

Or like me telling someone dealing with teenager things that I just can’t imagine what they’re experiencing but I’m certain we’ll never experience it because my relationship with my 9 year old is so strong.

I’m not saying we’re having trouble in our marriage. The context was a discussion about balancing spouses, kids, special needs, sleep, etc.


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