Morning After Pill All Ages Access Very Bad Idea

Please note that, while I’m pro-life, my thoughts on all-ages access to the morning -after pill are not based on a pro-life stance. Note that I also realize that it’s easy for me to say this, and maybe my bias against abortion plays a bigger role than I realize. But I don’t think so.

But giving access to the morning after pill to girls of all ages is just a plain bad idea.

Here’s why:

– If young girls are having sex, this is honestly something their parents need to know about. For so many reasons. This has nothing to do with her body, her choice. I’m not going to put a hard-and-fast age on it, but there’s an age below which you just really aren’t old enough actually make that kind of decision. If my 7 year old is getting the morning after pill, I need to know.

– Young children are not generally considered to be capable of making the world’s best decisions. This is why we don’t let them vote, drive, sign contracts, etc. I find it very odd that we don’t think a child is able to make grown-up decisions about anything else – except this.

– Besides just not making great decisions, there’s the whole side effect thing. How many 12 year olds do you know who read the instructions that come with… anything. But we’re going to trust them to read and understand the dosing, side effect, precaution, and counterindications with a package of powerful pills?

– Side effects. There can be very serious side effects with the morning after pill. A young girl who gets the pill in secret isn’t likely to seek help for severe side effects, either. Do you see where this is leading?

– No studies of safety in pediatric populations.

Such a bad idea.


2 responses to “Morning After Pill All Ages Access Very Bad Idea

  1. Just found your blog searching through other Iowan bloggers and I found yours pretty compelling. I tend to lean toward disagreeing with you, but I find your point about not seeking treatment for the morning after pill a very compelling argument. It’s true and I think it’s complete evidence of what this whole issue is about: kids not feeling comfortable communicating with their parents. A lot of kids feel pressured into having sex because their peers are doing it. Condom use is sparse because of problems associated with it and most girls are scared to talk to their parents about going on the pill. I do like the idea that the morning after pill is available to girls who have an accident. It helps girls prevent unwanted pregnancies when they would otherwise be afraid to go to their parents for help .
    But, I don’t think it’s a cure for the actual problem at hand and you’re totally right. It creates a buttload of other complications. I think if more parents were willing to really open up with their children about safe sex and risks we could avoid this being as big of an issue as it has become in this country.

    • I think if our society were less eager to have everything be about sex – sex is EVERYWHERE and there’s the strong impression that EVERYONE is doing it – fewer young children would think it was appropriate (or even expected) that they experiment with it.

      I personally think the most compelling argument is the absolute lack of safety studies. There’s no scientific basis for the dosing information on kids under 17. And particularly considering that we’re talking about hormones, which differ greatly in a pre-pubescent child vs someone in the throes of puberty vs someone who’s older, I think that’s a very important point. But the lack of safety studies on Gardasil hasn’t stopped thousands of parents from giving it to their young girls, so clearly not everyone is concerned about damaging their children’s bodies as I am.

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