Yikes, I wish I had more time to blog. It seems when I’m able to eke out computer time, it’s either while I’m also doing a few other things (cooking, usually) and so I don’t have enough of a block of time to write anything cohesive, or it’s reserved exclusively for getting caught up on work. I don’t really even do much Facebooking these days.

And the times I am able to have a space of time where I *could* blog, I’m too mentally exhausted to write. I haven’t even been knitting these days. I literally, at the end of the day, generally collapse in front of Netflix and play a game of solitaire on my iPod. And I usually lose.

Even our Respite day isn’t giving me much respite these days, as Teddy’s going through something where he really just doesn’t want mommy to leave him. If he wanders away from me while playing, it’s OK, but if I wander away from him – NOT cool. The last four weeks, he’s lasted at most 3o minutes. That gets the dishes washed, but nothing else.

This, too, shall pass, I know. 🙂

I did put up a rock star post over at Teddy’s blog today.


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