Battlestar Galactica

So, I’m not quite ready to commit to a new TV show (just finished Wild at Heart, it was pretty good for a while), so I’ve been rewatching Battlestar Galactica for the fourth time. When I really like a TV show, I can usually just ignore all of the inconsistencies or stupid things that don’t make any sense. Particularly when they’re set in a time, place, or technological background where the things *might* make sense if you explain enough. But on the fourth time through, it’s harder to ignore.

The big one is that if they’re stuck in the fleet with no manufacturing capability, and only whatever people happened to have on them when they got on whatever ships they were on (most of them NOT planning long trips), they certainly seem to have a LOT of supplies. Hair product. Uniforms. Soap. First aid and medical supplies.

This is particularly true considering that the Galactica was being dedicated as a Museum during the miniseries (the first 2 episodes, for those of you who are inexplicably NOT BSG fans, were broadcast as a miniseries). A battlestar in regular service might be expected to have a good store of supplies on hand, but even those supplies would obviously be limited, with the ship expecting regular opportunities to resupply. AND those supplies would have been intended to supply ONE battlestar crew, not the 50 or 60 ships of the colonial fleet.

Swear words. Wouldn’t they evolve their own swear words? Godsdammit? Really? And there are a few instances where the actors ad-lib “Jesus.” Hm… really? Don’t you mean Lords of Kobol or something?

Inconsistent technology. They have FTL drives (faster than light) but lack any other advanced technology, particularly in the medical field. I am on board with the idea that the show doesn’t necessarily represent a more advanced people… but if they can do FTL in their ships, surely there are other goodies they’ve developed that we don’t have. (Note: Ronald D Moore’s disdain for Star Trek, which he wrote for and slams regularly during the commentaries on BSG, might play into this.) I understand that there was a ban on any work on AI after the Cylon War, but cell phones? Medical advances?

The stupid bandages they keep using to cover up Katee Sackhoff’s tattoo on her shoulder are really frakking annoying. It’s a crucifix, so I get why they’d need to cover it up, but geez.

Cylon detection. We have Baltar’s fancy Cylon Detector. They talk about how Cylons are indistinguishable from humans as far as anatomy goes, but then the Sharon Cylon sticks that cable into her arm to enable her to disable the Cylon fleet. Where did the cable go? Obviously, there’s some physical aspect of Sharon that’s not human, yet nobody follows up on this??

The big ones I have issues with have to do with things toward the end of the series and I’m not going to spoil it for anyone who has just recently realized that their lives have been sad and empty without BSG.

I know a lot of people get bent out of shape about things like Made in China stamped on the pencils, or brand names showing on blood pressure machines, but those things don’t really bug me that much.


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