No Vacation

I know many families never take a vacation. And I know there’s that ridiculous Facebook Meme about instead of looking forward to your next vacation, living a life you don’t want to take a vacation from (um, because, evidently, a desire to experience things outside of your daily norm and maybe view an area of this planet different from the one in which you live is somehow wrong). But our family always always does. We have always made it a budgetary priority to get away at least twice in the year.

That sounds way fancier than it is. We have the cabin at Okoboji that we inherited, it’s a time-share. We get one week a year, and we try to use it if at all possible (otherwise we use at least a long weekend). The kids, in particular, really really look forward to our Okoboji time. It’s relaxing and fun. There’s a pool and a beach and the lake and a campfire and we just spend time together. We usually go geocaching a few times, and get ice cream, and bake cookies for dessert every night, and it’s just fun.

And we usually take a week coinciding with our wedding anniversary to go camping somewhere. We were on a Long Trip/Short Trip rotation (every other year, a trip to Utah, and the off years, somewhere closer to home).

Teddy’s changed things somewhat. Last year, we just went to Okoboji and that was it. That was all the vacation time Randy could spare, what with the frequent hospitalizations.

This year, we cancelled our Okoboji week, since we were planning to be home recovering from a kidney transplant during our week. Then, well, there was no transplant, but it was too late to get our time back.

And just as we were starting to plan a weekend in St Louis for our anniversary… we might be back on for the transplant.

This is a petty, silly thing to whine about, but our family really really could use the time away together. The kids have been so disappointed about Okoboji. I won’t pretend I’m personally crushed about the St Louis weekend, but I was really looking forward to some time away.

(St Louis, we would have been in a hotel, and largely eating out for meals. If you’ve ever eaten out with a 19 month old, you know that you need to keep them fairly well entertained. But generally, you probably can rely on the actual EATING process to keep your kid busy for a certain period of time. Well, when you have a kid who doesn’t eat orally, the constant entertainment needs of that child pretty much prevent you from eating at all yourself… which is why we almost never go out to eat.)


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