Me, right. You, wrong. Or, Being Christian.

Here’s an interesting one that I run into all. the. time.

Politically liberal Christians who, in discussing their pro-gay, pro-taxes, politically liberal beliefs, say things like “I don’t understand why conservative Christians don’t want to *actually* love their neighbor and feed the poor! They’re not even really Christians!”

Oh, really?

I can fully recognize that one can be a Christian and also a political liberal. Because the main differences between the people who affiliate with liberalism and conservatism is how you solve the problem – there’s not a lot of disagreement on whether there *is* a problem, or that we need to do something about it.

Christians are *all* called to love their neighbor and to feed the hungry (and many other things). Those are who politically liberal and those who are politically conservative may disagree on the best way to do that – but to sit and think that your way is the *only* way to do that…


I mean, really. Could you be any more arrogant?

I understand that liberals love their gay neighbors by telling them that they’re fine doing whatever it is that they’re doing. That they don’t need to change. I’m not sure why it’s so hard for them to understand that conservatives love their gay neighbors JUST THE WAY THEY ARE, as well. As I hope every Christian loves every sinner (which is EVERY ONE OF US) just the way they are. But Jesus told the woman at the well to go and sin no more. Not, go, and just keep on at it, babe. I don’t personally feel it’s my business to tell people I don’t personally know really anything about my opinions on their choices. It’s just plain not. But if I had a good friend who is gay and a Christian (and I do), I would treat her with the same respect with which I’d expect to be treated. Namely, if she sees me doing something she believes to be damaging to my relationship with Christ or to my walk as a Christian, I would expect her to say something to that effect with kindness and love. And by that same token, I will tell her if I see her doing things I believe to be damaging to her.

I don’t see it as markedly different from two types of parenting. One type of parenting says, “I love you and I want you to be happy, so I’ll let you do whatever you want.” The other type of parenting says, “I love you and I want you to be happy, so I’m setting some limits and helping you strive to become a better person.”

(and I will delete every single comment that wants to point out X and such a person who is a Christian but hates Gays. Yes, there are bad examples, there are people espousing Christianity and not living it, etc. etc. I could likely point out a “bad” example from the liberal side for every one from the conservative side, so we don’t need to go there, do we? Thinking only the opposite side has bad apples is also pretty arrogant.)

Moving on to feeding the hungry. I understand that political liberals, in keeping with their political beliefs, want government to be the vehicle through which the hungry are fed. Political conservatives ALSO want to feed the hungry, they just don’t believe that, in the US, the Constitution allows for the federal government to have a role in that. See? Both sides want the hungry to be fed. They just disagree on how it gets done.

To walk around saying and believing that your way of doing these things is the *only* way is just the absolute height of arrogance. If that’s you – consider that it might be your arrogance, more than your religious and political beliefs, that are keeping your conservative brothers and sisters from fellowship.


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