Live a life you don’t want to take a vacation from

I feel like a lot of posts are going to be about how annoying I find the inspirational quotes/pictures that get passed around Facebook. Because they’re super annoying. And I find it amazing that people can be inspired by trite, one-size-fits-all phrases.

One that goes around from time to time is one about Instead of Dreaming of your Next Vacation, Make for yourself a Life you don’t Need to take a Vacation From.


I get what it’s saying. I do. But since when is traveling, experiencing a different type of life, seeing new places, meeting new people, seeing what life is like in areas outside of your vicinity, learning about other cultures, seeing in real life the things you’ve read about in books, or simply going somewhere you enjoy to experience a few days without the usual daily tasks such a bad thing??

Even the most enjoyable, idyllic daily life involves things that you get to leave behind when you travel. Or, the new setting makes those same tasks somehow better. (like washing dishes when we camp. I love washing dishes when we camp.)

I love what I do for a living, most of the time. And I also enjoy closing up shop and taking a week or two off.

I love Iowa. Though we talk about moving away, I’m not sure we will, because we both love Iowa. But I also love, love, love me some mountains and/or ocean. Because it’s different. Iowa’s pretty, but mountains… ah, mountains, how I love you. I suppose that’s some sort of indication that I haven’t set up the right kind of life, since I have a drive to visit the mountains every so often.


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