New Projects

This is the danger of Teddy’s good periods. I don’t know how long they’ll last, but any break from the Hospital Admission Cycle makes me think about taking on New Projects.

And then I get excited about them. And then I want to share them with the world before they’re ready to be shared, and then I get burned one way or the other.

So, I have a great idea for a new project. And it’s not ready yet. And I don’t know if it’ll ever be ready. Maybe it won’t be ready until Teddy’s old enough to drive himself to his nephrology appointments, lol. But when it *is* ready, I’ll definitely tell you. It’s a big idea, like most of my ideas are, but it’s not too big to be out of my reach.

(Like the IV cart Push Handle… that’s out of my reach. Maybe if I knew how to weld and wanted to pursue funding and find a factory, but I don’t. Someone else clearly should, though.)



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