I think it’s time for some more fairly drastic changes to Wallypop.

Not being able to have people over is really cutting into people’s willingness to buy from me. It’s hard to buy something you can’t see in person. I get it.

Now that it’s so easy to buy cheapy factory diapers in stores (box stores, mall stores), it’s harder for people to want to take a chance on WAHMs.

The China Cheapies are REALLY cutting into the market. Yes, people will sell their souls to the devil if it means they can get something for cheaper. Yes, people are willing to buy diapers made in Chinese sweatshops using materials of unknown origin (and usually unknown fiber content) because they’re cheap.

There’s evidently a lot of new WAHMs out there who are making poor quality products and providing terrible service who are making it hard on the rest of us (I’ve gotten so many emails lately about this, it makes me very sad).

I have no help. I keep being told I’ll get help – the husband has said at least 2 dozen times over the last 10 years that he’ll learn how to process orders and get them ready to ship, but he hasn’t. Half the time he says he’ll do things with one or more of the kids but doesn’t, which doubles the amount of time it takes me to get anything done. Even if he does hang out with Teddy, I still have to stop work every 45 ish minutes to feed him or refill syringes.

The laws are changing again, the price of cotton keeps going up, and my expenses are rising very fast. ASTM standards are going to hit me really hard.

For reasons I don’t understand, people want one-size diapers. There’s a belief that they’re cheaper/a better value, which is true if you ignore the Shorter Lifespan and Poor Fit issues. (Many people can’t put a one-size on their newborn, which means either using disposables or buying something else for the newborn phase, and many people can’t get a good fit in the larger parts of the range, either.) I may or may not work on a one-size fitted (but it’d have to be a pocket fitted, and I’m not personally a huge fan), but I’m hearing from the people who email me asking for one-size diapers that they want them like the big factory brands, but they want them for cheaper. That’s just not going to happen.

I really don’t think that this has actually affected my business that much, but there’s one local person with a personal chip on her shoulder who has reportedly told several people that her goal is to put me out of business and takes every opportunity she can to say that my stuff is poor quality – though the complaints are either made up or silly. (“The waist strap on my MT wouldn’t even wrap around to tie in the front!!” Um, because they’re not supposed to, because that’s not a safe way to tie it.)

Projects around the house just aren’t getting done. Because I’m not able to pull the overnighters that I used to (because, again, I have no help with Teddy), I have to rely on working evenings or weekends if I want any hope of having any sort of help with the kids. Because certain male members of my household cannot keep children alive *and* do anything else, if I’m working, that means that dishes aren’t getting washed, lawn’s not getting mowed, etc. We have some big projects around here that we can’t keep putting off, but that won’t get done unless I make sure they get done in person. That means I have to work less.


So, I’m doing some soul-searching and trying to figure out where I want to take Wallypop.


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