You can have my smartphone…

…when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.

“I don’t need a smartphone.” “When would I ever need to access the internet from my phone?”

I actually said those words. The morning of the day I got my smartphone.

haha ha.

I know there’s a big trendy trend to give up your smart phone.

But I’m not joining that trend.


Without getting out of bed, I can read a book, even when I don’t have a book handy.

Without having to dial a phone, I can message Randy, my sister, or friends to keep them updated on situations as they unfold.

Without having to be at a computer, I can check on friends who are having a rough time, friends’ kids on transplant day or other scary medical days, or simply connect with my community.

Without needing to have a computer, I can use Facebook to inform a large number of people that we need prayers and we need them now.

Without having to haul around a DVD player, I can while away some boring ER hours watching a movie.

Without having to carry an endless assortment of toys and games, I can entertain Teddy during lab draws and waiting room times.

Without having to carry a binder with me, I can keep medical records, insurance cards, and important notes with me at all times.

Without having to carry around a planner, I have my to-do list, important notes, and my calendar.

Without having to jot things down on post-it notes, I have access to the information sent in emails and Facebook messages.

Without having to enter prescription numbers on the phone’s dial pad, I can refill meds. Any time of the day. By scanning their bar codes and sending them to the pharmacy.

I can’t fathom why I’d ever want to give up all of that.


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