The List

I will update here as projects are finished. Italics indicate a task is being actively worked on.


Read 10 books, fiction (10/10)

Read 10 books, nonfiction (10/10)

Take a bellydancing class

Learn German.

Take a hip hop class

Take a Community Education class in something I’ve never tried before

Go to an event at the observatory


Take a picture, over the course of a year, of every time around the clock.  (this has been modified somewhat, and will now just be several pictures for each hour of the day.)

Do A Day In The Life

Do the 26 things scavenger hunt

Do the 100 strangers project (get business cards for this purpose)

Learn a new craft

Develop a new product and market it successfully. NOT a baby or children’s product.

Make something for 10 different people, unexpected (6/10)

Participate in 2 charitable crafting projects a year (3/6)

Make something using my power tools – all of them.

Enter photos in the state fair

Enter sewing projects into the state fair

Learn to spin

Knit a sweater

Finish or get rid of projects in the unfinished projects box

Participate in at least one additional craft fair


Genuinely compliment a total stranger once a month. (20/33) (12-10)

Write a letter every other month

Do something surprising and wonderful for Randy monthly (20/33) (12-10)

Put together a care package for someone

Help a stranger.

Write to her again.


Let it go. Really.

Bench press my own bodyweight

Touch my toes

Memorize a poem

Memorize a chunk of the Bible

5 pullups. In a row.

Use a new vocabulary word monthly (18/33)  (10.10) decided to delete

Get new Glasses.

“Social” or Environmental

Buy nothing for a week.

Buy nothing new for a month.

Take the bus instead of driving.

Volunteer a bit for an organization I am not already involved with

Install timers, power strips, etc. on as many items as possible to enable us to turn them off.

Get rid of plastic food storage.

Green Gifts Fair

Eating Food

Eat only local food for a week

Bake bread for family monthly (20/33)  (12.10)

Try Sushi

Try 10 new foods (3/10)

Try 5 new (to me) local restaurants (5/5)

Have a candlelight dinner

Eat a fried candy bar

Fast for a day IF both kids wean before the 1001 are over and I’m not pregnant.

Cook with a new food.

Essential Life Skills

Learn to shoot my handgun

Learn to shoot a rifle

Take a survival class

Make a will

Go hunting

Learn to make jam

Learn to can food

Try making cheese

Get a survival book and read it.

Pack our “go bags

Pack an emergency kit

Completely Random

Dance somewhere unexpected. Unexpected for me. Who is prone to dancing wherever she is.

Participate in a rally or protest or march

Play outside in the rain

Say no when I want to say yes but shouldn’t.

Say yes when I want to say no.

Dress up as something, go somewhere, don’t explain

For Fun

Go to a Cubs game at Wrigley Field.

Take the telescope out

Go geocaching

Go night hiking

Visit 5 new (to me) state parks. (1/5)

Go to a movie by myself.

Go roller-skating.

Have Randy teach me to juggle.

Host a movie night.

Go to a fun indie craft fair in another city.

Go to the Botanical Center

Go to a festival.


Get a massage

Get rid of 10 things each week (current/143)

Participate in postcrossing; use cards as basis for hs learning

Plant trees with those placentas

Decide on a proper memorial for the babies and do it

Take the time to give myself awesome sausage rolls.

Delegate 5 things. (4/5)

Write a letter to myself, to be opened in 10 years.

Write a letter to each child, to be opened in 10 years.

Write a letter to Randy, to be opened in 10 years.

Enter a contest.

(counts as 5) Do 5 Learning to Love You More assignments (0/5)


Stick $5 in a jar for every completed task

Donate $20 for every item not completed

Blog on each task’s completion and progression.

Talk to one person about this project, in person.


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