happy me

so our DirecTV has this function to Search for Shows. I do not normally use this function. I mean, there are a lot of shows on History or Discovery that I enjoy, but they’re mostly one-time-only shows. Like Lost Cities of the Bible. Not a series. But every once in a while, I hop on to see if anyone’s started showing Dharma and Greg again. I’ve missed it.

And lo and behold, WE, a channel I normally don’t like much, has given me a little Christmas gift – Dharma and Greg!!

The episodes I’m watching this morning are my love/hate episodes. Dharma and Greg adopt the checkout girl’s baby. She goes into labor and Greg asks if they’re going to take her to the hospital. Dharma (and later, Dharma’s mom, a midwife) respond, “Why? She’s not sick.”

But in the next episode, Abby (Dharma’s mom) arranges for breastmilk from someone from the LA Lactaction Society…and she looks as though she backpacked there (she’s wearing a backpack) and is soooo butch. I know they’re trying to make it funny…but sometimes it just rubs me a bit. (And I still think it odd that they NEVER mention cloth diapers or babywearing. Come one! Her parents are HIPPIES!!)


3 responses to “happy me

  1. I have only seen the first season and snippets of the second. I saw a few episodes on TV a few years back and Randy bought me the first season on DVD. They have not released the second season in the US, and it’s hard to come by as an import (and also I think illegal, but you’re talking to a girl who owns Song of the South on DVD here).

    So… I don’t know.

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